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I must say that decorating my home is something that continues to bring me joy year after year.  I always have a project or two going and a (very) long list of to-dos.  It used to bother me that it seemed nothing was every “finished”, but recently I have come to the realization that I love that my home is always changing and evolving.  I love thinking of my home as an organic thing that changes with my tastes and the needs of my family.  Now truth be told, my home is NOT picture perfect and is a far cry from something you’d see in a magazine.  BUT with a few unique finds at the thrift store combined with my existing furnishings (and a little DIY magic) I can make my home unique, colorful, and tasteful.  Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite treasures I have found at thrift stores that have found special places in my home and everyday life.  Maybe it will inspire you to go treasure hunting, yourself!

VINTAGE TELEPHONE // I was sooo excited the day I found this because previously I had only seen them in expensive antique stores. when in doubt, just buy it! you'll find a place for it! 
MID CENTURY CLOCK RADIO // a hard find these days! -snatch up those mid century gems quickly when you see one!
VINTAGE CANLDE STICKS // These are usually pretty easy to find! These are a great way to decorate for the holidays. mix and match in put them together in clumps around the house! 
INDIAN CHIEF SALT SHAKER //  I don’t why this little guy jumped out at me but I had to have him!  For .75 cents?  Ok, sold! When you know, you know. 
BOOKS //  Books are a great way to add color and interest to any shelf and you will find them a-plenty at thrift stores!
UGLY LAMP //  This one is actually one of two.  I wanted to show you this one so you can see the magic of a fresh coat of paint.  NEVER underestimate the power of fresh paint.  These lamps were uuuuugly!  But I really liked the pineapple-esque shape.  So what did I do?  Spray painted them and slapped on a new shade!  I love how they turned out and now they grace our bedside tables!!  
Don't ever discredit an ugly item at a thrift shop! With a little love, and the right placing, that ugly nugget just might make the room!
    So for home AND wardrobe- Be daring!  Have fun!  And happy thrifting!! 
    Love, Sheena- The Thrifty Gypsy

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