DIY feather necklace // sheena

Ever just feel the need to craft? This feather necklace is both stylish and super easy to make!
  • cord necklace
  • feather picks (I bought ones that had a loop already built in….awesome!)
  • jump rings
  • wood beads



Step 1: Start by attaching jump rings to loop in feather picks. The rings allow the feathers to face the right direction when attached to the necklace, so they will face out and lie flat. 


Step 2: Remove end loop on cord necklace with needle nose pliers. This will allow you to string everything on. (You will reattach it at the end) 

Step 3: String your feathers and beads on. Here is where you can get creative and do whatever looks good to you. I did one wood bead then a feather pick, then two beads, then a feather pick…etc, etc. 

Step 4. Reattach end loop to necklace and you’re done! 



See...EASY! Enjoy!


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