ode to the maxi // mindy

Random fact about me... I LOVE the maxi. Whoever invented it, I could kiss you. Seriously though. Show me one person that doesn't look good in a maxi skirt. And don't think that just because it is getting cooler, that means its time to put the maxi skirts away for the season. Nuhhhh uhhhhh. Transition these babies into fall by adding layers and warming them up. I took this amazing Oh Saylor Maxi from GT and added a dark black button up and some boots to give it a more toasty feel.  Side note: the bell-ing at the bottom of the skirt makes it even more perfect for boots. If you are having a hard time with layers try a graphic tee and scarf with your maxi, this is another solid go-to and gives the skirt a more masculine feel. Darken up your makeup with a simple vampy lip and you have the perfect look for fall. Let's keep those maxi skirts and dresses alive and kicking all year long!

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