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guess what? last week, was my birthday. a big one. i said goodbye to my 20's and joined the 30's club. ((yikes)) i'd been doing just fine with the thought of turning the big dirty thirty, until the day before. i was surprised to find myself feeling a little anxious about it. it's a strange feeling to be in an entirely different decade of life, and i, like every girl, let my insecurities get the best of me sometimes. why do we do that, anyway? why do we spend so much time focusing on our negatives rather than our positives?
well this is something i've decided to change about my 30 year old self. focus on the my ups, not my downs. really take 30 by the horns. no pity party, no quarter life crisis. just own it and embrace everything that comes with it. strive to be a person that i can love. focus on being happy and healthy and enjoy every day.
to kick off my new self acceptance mission, i decided to get a little spiffy. felt like welcoming the 30's in style. so, i did some shopping in the studio. now, it's hard for me to pick favorites because i love everything. i do the buying for the shoppe, so obviously i love it all! but there are a few pieces that really stand out, and those are what we like to call "britt's picks" 
right now, my favorite dress in the shoppe is the Diana Peplum Dress, in mustard. it's also available in teal, and in plus sizes in cranberry and black. this dress is amazingly flattering. it's structured and fitted, but the asymmetrical peplum flares out in just the right place to accentuate the waist while minimizing the hips. (let's be honest, it totally hides the love handles) --and we like that, don't we?! --and it's under $50!!
another favorite, as in i wear it almost every day, is the Bellingham Rose Jacket. i love florals, and i love the dark muted colors make it a gorgeous fall blazer.
it is getting pretty nippy up in here in the northwest, so the Tights and Scarf make nice layering pieces and a fun pop of color. (one thing you should know about my style,  i believe in pattern mixing and you will rarely find me wearing solids.)
lastly, my favorite shoes in the shoppe right now are the Daisy Wedge Mary Janes, the nude color is great, especially since i to wear so many patterns, the neutral color can be worn with ANYTHING and it's not going to clash.  extremely comfortable.
so cheers to the 30 somethings... let's make the 30's the best decade yet!! 
xoxo -brittany


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November 22, 2015

You look gorgeous as usual and your hair looks azaimng; it suits you perfectly. How are you liking the many curvy clothing options here in the US compared to back in Sweden?

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