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allow us to introduce ourselves. we are GYPSY THREADS. on online shoppe for clothing, accessories, treasures and all things fabulous.
after a few years of owning and operating another brick & mortar boutique in salt lake city, change was in the air and the wind swept us away to the pacific northwest. along came another change, a gypsy little. actually, a little pirate. we call him milo. after taking some time away from the dear retail and fashion industry we love, to get settled in our new nest, we are ready to come back. this time, here with you, online. 
here you will find a selection of specially picked clothing, shoes and accessories. we adore the charm of small business and boutique shopping. so that is what you will find here. no huge warehouse full mass produced tee shirts. small quantities of carefully selected styles.
wait, theres more! we understand that boutiques and small businesses sometimes get a bad rap for high prices and pretentious attitudes. no sir, not here. we keep our price points low and when buying look for styles that we can sell without draining your bank or paypal account. most of our items are under $50. and as for attitude, well, you will probably be annoyed at our over the top friendliness and all around nerdy-ness. in fact, sometimes we are just plain ridiculous. we have way to much here in the GYPSY THREADS studio!! 
we simply love what we do, and are thrilled to be up and running! we hope you like our products and hope to build a long term friendship with all of our clients. actually, we'd love to hear from you. if you have any input, feedback, questions, requests please don't hesitate to email us at shop@gypsythreads.com or if there is a style or item you are looking for, let us know! we'll see if we can find it for you! 
thank you so much for all your support and following us on instagram over the summer. we've had a blast getting to know our followers and look forward to getting to know all of you!
much love from the Gypsy Nest, 
Brittany and the GYPSY THREADS team
oh yeah...why GYPSY THREADS? where'd that there name come from? after examining my own wardrobe after some spring cleaning in my closet, i realized that i have no specific style. i have and love a little bit of everything. a random collection of all styles, shapes, colors and even sizes! (because i eat my feelings...but that's a whole other topic in itself) it's a gypsy closet. no rhyme or reason. just a bunch of random (yet fabulous) stuff. it's GYPSY THREADS. --and there it was. the name. welcome to my world of fantastic chaos. 

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