meet sheena// a thrifting success story

meet sheena! wife and mother of 2 kiddos and 1 dog. sheena is a thrifting superstar. she's a pro and finding the ugliest garment on the floor at the thrift store, and styling it into a chic/unique ensemble that everyone envies and no one can believe it cost 2 bucks. (give or take a few!) we are so excited to have her be a part of our Gypsy Threads blogging team. we can't wait to see what thrifting advice and styling ideas she has for us! check out her fist post right here! 
Mixing Old and New
Hi gypsy readers!  I’m Sheena and I’m so excited to be a guest blogger here on GT.  My blog posts here will mostly be about thrifting.  How to do it, what to look for, how to style thrift items, thrifting for the home, DIY, etc, etc, etc.  
My love of thrift shopping is three fold.  First, this gypsy loves a smokin’ deal.  Linen trousers for $8?  Yes, please!  Retro blouse for $4?  Don’t mind if I do!  You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I find there.  Second, I’m a huge supporter of the three R’s.  Reduce*Reuse*Recycle  (Yea, I’m the weird girl who reuses Ziploc bags and tin foil.)  I believe there is far too much waste in the world and we are running out of space to put it.  The more we can reuse, repurpose, upcycle…whatever you wanna call it, the better.  Thrift stores are full of treasures waiting to have new life breathed into them.  Thirdly….it’s fun!  I can’t tell you how much fun I have thrift shopping.  It’s like the ultimate treasure hunt.  I love roaming the aisles searching for that special item that will grace my home or wardrobe.  
So does shopping at thrift stores mean I have to sacrifice style?  Absolutely not!!  In fact, I have found the opposite to be true.  Finding unique pieces at the thrift store actually helps me be more creative with my existing wardrobe.  Here, let me show you… 
Here is one of my favorite recent finds.  I found this red blouse in a little “mom and pop” thrift shop while traveling down the Oregon coast this summer.  They were having a 50% off sale the day I went, so this blouse was $1.50!  These “old lady” blouses are something I see a lot of at thrift stores.  Here are two different ways I would style this. 
Here I dressed it up with a military green midi, ribbon bow tie, black jacket, and open toe wedges.
Or I can make it more preppy-casual by belting the blouse and pairing it with cropped skinnies, a cardigan, oxford shoes, and a preppy little hat.  
You see?  Mixing old and new adds dimension and character to your wardrobe.  Be creative and have fun!  More tips and tricks for thrift shopping soon to come!  Until then, peace, love and thrift!
Love- Sheena (The Thrifty Gyspy)

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