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hey gypsies! meet mindy. licensed make up artist, nursing student, wife, mama, and all around super talented, smoke'n hot babe. somehow...mindy has found time in her crazy life schedule to start a brand new style blog. she has great ideas for dressing fashionably and functionally. when you are a working mom and student, sometimes it's hard to stay on trend and be comfortable enough to do your daily running around, but she's doing it and doing it well! not to mention she stands super model tall at 5'10 so if you are tall...this is a great blog for you! 
we are honored to have her as a guest writer here on GYPSY THREADS!
check out her fist post right here...xoxo
I am completely in love with the leather trend that is happening right now, and am serious when I say that I think that everyone should own a pair of faux leather leggings. These are inexpensive and although they look scary they are incredibly flattering on. You will immediately feel like a million bucks when you slide into these babies. For those of us that are scared of the leather look and think it might be too harsh, pair it with some lace or something softer. I found this top at Nordstrom and couldn't take my eyes off of it. The silk plays against the leather and I LOVE the lace detailing on top. It softens the whole look and makes it a little more girly.  Another staple every girl needs is a black pair of ankle booties. These go with everything and can be worn with long pants or skirts. Again, must have. I feel like a shorter heel is a little more realistic for everyday wear, but if you can rock a 4 inch heel… do it. Play with different textures of your clothes and have fun!
Oh, and faux leather leggings and booties coming to Gypsy Threads 10/01/13!
-Mindy // the silver notes

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