making changes!

so, there's been a lot of sleepless nights around here, lately... the wheels have been spinning on how to make GYPSY THREADS better and better. more interactive and personal. i love the connection with our followers on social media, but really want to kick our blog up a notch. or two...
we've got some exciting things in the works, including a brand new blog, with daily posts featuring topics like these:
outfit Inspiration and styling ideas
hair, makeup, skincare etc...
recipes, home decor, design inspiration etc...
kid style, baby talk, mini fashion
DIY crafts & projects
personal notes from the creator of GYPSY THREADS
what do YOU think? what do you like to read on blogs? what do you hate? what are you sick of? what do you want more of? tell us!! we really want to know! and to make it worth your while, everyone who comments and gives us some blog advice will receive a little GYPSY THREADS discount code!
thanks for your patience and encouragement!!
xoxo brittany 

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