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Who doesn’t love a cute banner? You can use them for so many things- birthdays, holidays, announcements, kids rooms….whatever you want!  This banner is so SUPER EASY you can whip it up in a snap for any occasion.  No sewing, no tracing of patterns….my kind of craft!  Here is what you need-
Step 1.  Fold one of your felt sheets in half and cut down the center.
Step 2.  Take each of those halves and cut each of them in half
Step 3.  Take each of those quarters, fold in half and cut from bottom corner in an upward diagonal. So that you will end up with a shape like this.  Repeat with remaining sheets until you have enough for each letter of whatever you are spelling.
Step 4.  Lay out all your shapes side by side.  Now pull out your adhesive letters and apply one to each shape until you have your message spelled out.
Step 5.  Lay out your rick rack and apply a thin strip of hot glue to the top of you first letter.  Lay it face down and lined up with your rick rack.
Step 6.  Continue gluing each letter on with a little space in between until they are all glued on the rick rack.  Be sure to leave space on each end for hanging.  
Step 7.  Hang and enjoy!!
-Sheena-the Thrifty Gypsy

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November 22, 2015

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